the activity of the law office of Mariusz Lewandowski

Barrister Mariusz Lewandowski has gained experience while completing his barrister training in well-known law offices, which provided legal attendance for large business entities, medium and smaller enterprises and individual Clients. The full-time practice of Barrister Mariusz Lewandowski has consisted in rendering assistance for those entities, including court cases.

During the training and his individual law practice Barrister Mariusz Lewandowski has conducted a range of legal cases, prepared pleadings, participated in trials. The gathered experience has resulted in the Law Office focusing its aim at the fair presentation of odds in the proceeded case to Clients and realization of the optimal action plan mutually agreed with the Client. The actions of the Law Office always put the Client’s legal interest at the forefront and the trust between the Law Office and the Client constitutes a basis for the provision of legal service on their behalf.


Barrister Mariusz Lewandowski assists in regulating the cases of Clients staying abroad – including especially those related to criminal law. He gives legal advice and represents in the country before Prosecutors and Courts the Clients staying abroad in relation to extradition proceedings (ENA) and warrants of arrest. He helps in cases concerning the obtainment of safe conducts.

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