The offer of the Law Office

The offer of the Law Office includes providing legal advice and legal representation in the following categories:



court proceedings

Representing individual and institutional Clients in criminal, civil as well as court and administrative proceedings.

criminal law

Professional help in all types of criminal cases on the stage of preparatory proceeding and litigations.

family and custody law

Representing in divorce and alimony cases, contacts with children and executing parental authority in both litigations and mediation proceedings.

enforcement proceedings

Respite of a custodial sentence, suspension of a penalty execution, proceedings concerning electronic tagging.

extradition proceedings

European Arrest Warrant – preparatory proceedings with the issued warrant of arrest – representing Clients before Prosecutors and Courts, proceedings related to the issuance of a safe conduct – helping Clients to return to the country, regulating their legal situation (including especially situations concerning criminal law) in the country.

economic law

Preparing trade agreements, establishing and registering business entities, attendance concerning the current activity of business entities, legal service in proceedings related to awarding public procurement contract.

administrative law

Representation in contacts with public administration bodies, legal attendance for participants of the construction process and in other cases related to broadly defined administrative law, including expropriation of property and patent law.

labour law

Representing workers and employers in cases related to the employment relationship and its termination.