During his professional and academic career barrister Mariusz Lewandowski has prepared the following publications:


  1. "Problems of Free Legal Support in the Republic of Poland” - Monitor Prawniczy No. 21/2009, Warszawa 2009
  2. "Foreign Lawyers Working within the Territory of Poland” - Jurysta No. 1/2009, Warszawa 2009
  3. "Guarantee of Pursuing Human Rights Claims in the EU” - Jurysta No. 3-4/2009, Warszawa 2009
  4. "Realization of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights in the East- Central Europe. A Review of Strasbourg Judicature” - Polski Rocznik Praw Człowieka i Prawa Humanitarnego No. 2/2011, Olsztyn 2011
  5. "Barrister Trainee after Passing the Examination - Institutional and Trial Issues” - Edukacja Prawnicza No. 1/2013, Warszawa 2013
  6. "Barrister Trainee in the Free Legal Support System - Institutional and Trial Issues" - "Court-Assigned Legal Support and the Right to Trial ", Naczelna Rada Adwokacka, Warszawa 2012
  7. "The Norm of Adequate and Effective Investigation in the Understanding of Strasbourg Judicature" - Polski Rocznik Praw Człowieka i Prawa Humanitarnego No. 3/2012, Olsztyn 2012
  8. "Plaint on the Basis of Article 299 of the Polish Commercial Companies Code Against Limited Companies’ Board Members - Trial Aspects" - Jurysta. Magazyn Prawniczy No. 6/2013 (224), Warszawa 2013
  9. "Execution of Cash Liabilities in the Polish Legal System" - Jurysta. Magazyn Prawniczy No. 7-8/2013 (225 - 226), Warszawa 2013


Texts related to the project „Prawa Człowieka w Orzecznictwie Sądów Polskich” [„Human Rights in Jurisdiction of Polish Courts”] (years 2008 - 2012): the internet version on the website, among others including:


  1. "The Red Olympics"
  2. "Barrister Trainee Examination Before the Administrative Courts"
  3. "Legal Association of Common-law Marriage"
  4. "The Crisis of Imprisonment Penalty in the Republic of Poland"
  5. "Irregularities Connected to Financing Costs of Medical Treatment Abroad by NFZ (National Health Fund)"
  6. "Irregularities Connected to Financing Costs of Medical Treatment Abroad by NFZ (National Health Fund) (part 2). A need to practice"
  7. "Possession of Abusing Substances - Notes in the Scope of Article 62 of the Act of 29 July 2005 on Countering Drug Addiction"
  8. "The Practice of Abusive Clauses from the Consumer Rights Protection Perspective"
  9. "The Issue of Phone Tapping in the Practice of Polish Criminal Courts"
  10. "Draft of Changes to the Polish Criminal Proceedings Code"
  11. "Draft of Changes to the Family Law"
  12. "The Realization of the Two-Tier Principle in the Administrative and Court Proceedings"
  13. "Separation in the Polish Legal System"
  14. "The Status of the Aggrieved Party in Law and Penal Practice"
  15. "Pre-trial Detention Once More - Requirements of Practice"
  16. "On the Case of Krzysztof Peśla versus Justizministerium Mecklenburg - Vorpommern"
  17. "Barrister’s Freedom of Speech"
  18. "The Influence of a Witness Staying Abroad on the Course of a Criminal Trial"
  19. "Prohibition of Retroactivity of Criminal Law"

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